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第22回 染・清流展 ビエンナーレ 2019

第22回 染・清流展 ビエンナーレ 2019



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       Student rate 200yen

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The villa retreat at Nanzenji Temple called Seiryutei by Togo Heihachiro.

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Dye Works Exhibition


染・清流館キュレーター 深萱 真穂

“22nd Somé Seiryu Exhibition ~Textile Dye Art Biennial 2019~” will be held at the Somé Seiryu Pavilion in Kyoto.
This exhibition started in 1991 with the purpose of support for the textile dye artists in and around Kyoto, also to show what the textile dye art really is and to give them recognition.
At first this exhibition was held at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art every year from 1991 to 2006. During this period, it was held in Nara in 1994 and between 1997 and 2002 it was also held 5 times at Meguro Museum of Art in Tokyo. Then from 2007 the exhibition has been held at Somé Seiryu Pavilion in Muromachi, Kyoto every other year. In 2015 “Somé Seiryu Exhibition” 20th anniversary was held.
Now this exhibition is supported by more than 130 textile dye artists, and each time there are more visitors viewing this exhibition.
Since 2017, the 21st exhibition, the title of this “Somé Seiryu Exhibition” added the word “Biennial,” also displaying large size art works, which were exhibited when this show was held at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. There will be 29 artists participating this time, some of whom showed their works in 1991, the 1st exhibition, and the youngest artist who were not born yet in 1991. The audience can enjoy a variety of textile dye art works from veteran artists and younger generation artists. The exhibition will be held on two separate dates with different artists showing in each exhibition.
We, the organizing members of this show, are hoping that all visitors who come to this exhibition will feel the rich and wide taste of the textile dye art world.