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The villa retreat at Nanzenji Temple called Seiryutei by Togo Heihachiro.

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Dye Works Exhibition

By Ozawa Junji President of Daimatsu Co. Ltd.

 “Greetings for the Opening of the Seiryuten Exhibition” from the catalogue of the first exhibition in 1991”
Here in Japan, there are many world reknown crafts. In particular, Kyoto known as “Kyoto- City of Textile Dyeing”is admired as a great center for the development of textile dyeing. Moreover, the “Seiryukai” was founded last year to promote the development of contemporary dyed art, and now the first Seiryuten exhibition has opened to the public. This exhibition focuses on dyed art mounted on panels or traditional folding screens. Exhibiting artists include, first of all, respected professor of rozome dyeing Sano Takeo and highly distinguished artists of textile dyeing. Though they are from various affiliations and ages, all selected artists seek contemporary beauty and continue to be active in the field of dyeing. I am very grateful for the support of Seiryukai artists who have exhibited their exquisite works. Many of the pieces from this exhibition will be put into a collection which will be eventually preserved in the soon to be established “Museum for Dyed Art”. Furthermore, until the opening of this museum, the works will be properly preserved and housed in a temporary gallery space. I believe that this exhibition is not just a mere business venture, but rather the foundation of a long term social cultural project. Moreover, I hope to establish a cornerstone for Kyoto’s world of textile dyeing. I love “Kyoto – City of Textile Dyeing”, therefore due to my involvement and responsibilities in the textile business, I decided to take on this project. With all of your support, advice and cooperation, I wish much success for this venture.  



Past Seiryuten exhibitions